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Top 5 Web Hosting Service Provider | Best Hosting Services 2021

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A web hosting service provider is an internet hosting service that enables individuals and organizations to link their websites to the internet.

Essentially, web hosts are businesses that rent out space on their servers for clients to use. As they store your website’s files on their servers so that they can access them through the internet.

Hence, there are many different methods of hosting such as Shared web hosting, reseller web hosting, virtual dedicated server, dedicated hosting service, managed to host service, cloud hosting, clustered hosting, grid hosting, and home server are some of the services also available.

Apparently, in this blog post, I will be going to help you find the top 5 web hosting service providers in 2021. So, let’s get deep into it.

Why is it necessary to have reliable web hosting?*

Web hosting is also needed if you want your website to be accessible online. Though our audience will be unable to access your website if you do have a web host. Here are a few things that can help you improve your web hosting experience and every hosting must have this feature in their web hosting plans.

1. Improved Site Performance: 

When it comes to online success, the output of your website is critical. You’ll just have a few seconds to catch your visitor’s attention before they leave and never come back. So, Your tourists will not hang around if your site takes an eternity to load.

2. Outstanding Technical Support:

Whether you sell goods or services on your website, you understand the value of prompt and supportive customer service.

3. Improves Website Security:

Many website owners overlook the importance of website security. While it is virtually impossible to have a completely safe website, you never know where the next attack will come from.

4. Reliability for Best Web Hosting Service

On the market, there are a variety of web hosts to choose from. It’s almost impossible for us to get an impartial opinion on where to host your site as a user.

5. Better Customer Support

When it comes to web hosting, new customers seldom place a high value on customer service.

6. Data and Content Control

If you hire a professional web hosting company, you’ll have complete freedom to post whatever you want. Your website’s appearance and feel are entirely under your influence.

7. Speed

People despise having to wait. If the website’s speed improves, more people can visit it, which means more interaction. That can only accomplish by software.

8. Security

Without a secure website, the risk rises, and interaction falls. And if your website isn’t safe, you can be sure that people will be working on it. As a result, this web hosting software improves your website’s security.

9. Better SEO rankings

 The website’s ranking in the search engines invites people to visit it. The SEO rating improves by using hosting web tools.

Top 5 Web Hosting Service Provider

Here is the list of the five best web hosting service providers.


Siteground is a world-renowned web hosting company that was established in 2004. It offers some hosting services, including email hosting, cloud hosting, and shared hosting.

It also offers Presta store, Joomla, Drupal, woo-commerce, and WordPress support. The average page loading time on siteground is exceptionally high.

Additionally, it offers live chat support 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and free WordPress plugin migration. Any website will benefit from the use of a WordPress plugin. It offers a strong uptime guarantee and a 30-day money-back guarantee. It includes a CDN and an SSL license, as well as a free domain name and setup.



SiteGround Features

It has a lot of cool features, including the ones mentioned below.

  • It gives you the option of restoring all of your backups.
  • Makes the job easier by including a migration plugin.
  • Get a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It provides you with a wealth of communication resources to assist you in successfully managing your clients.
  • Enable you to control WordPress.
  • CND allows you to store all of your website’s files, info, and images on different servers.
  • It safeguards your website against cyber-attacks. It is the most affordable web hosting app.
  • Enable you to provide customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • It enables businesses to set up their own dedicated server.
  • Siteground offers three different hosting plans at the most affordable price.

SiteGround pricing 

Start-up plan – The start-up plan costs $6.99 a month and includes one website, 10GB of web space, 10,000 monthly visits, and more.

Grow big – The Grow big package costs $9.99 a month and includes excellent benefits such as an unlimited website, 20GB of webspace, and 25000 monthly visits.

Go Greek – This package costs $19.99 a month and includes Greek features and basic and premium features. You get 40 GB of web space, an infinite number of websites, and 100,000 monthly visitors.


WPengine is one of the best web hosting software for beginners because of its incredible features and efficiency.

Hence, It allows you to build a new website or move an existing one to Wpengine for free. Additionally, it provides a protection tool to secure your website and a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are unhappy with the services.

Wpengine constantly monitors your website and manages all of the activities that help you develop your website, such as regular backups, updates, and allocated space.

Web Hosting Service


Features of WPengine

Thus, Wpengine has a lot of great features that can help you improve the output of your company

  • Allows you to get a 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • It instantly recovers every website catastrophe.
  • It comes with a migration plugin that allows you to automate the process.
  • If you want to make more pages, you can copy a site. It also comes with a GeoIP tool.
  • It offers you ongoing help from WordPress experts as well as excellent protection for your websites.


The engine provides you with the following five off-plan packages at the most affordable prices:

Start-up – The startup package costs $30 a month and also includes 10GB of disk space, 25,000 visits, and one platform. This package costs $115 a month and includes 20 GB of disk space, 10,000 visitors, and ten websites.

Scale plan – This medium-range plan will cost $290/ month and includes 30 GB of disk space, 40000 tourists, and 30 locations also.

Enterprise plan: The user’s order determines the enterprise plan, and you can get anywhere from 300 GB to 1TB of disk space and millions of visitors.


Further, GreenGeeks is one of the most environmentally friendly, safe, and fast web hosting solutions available. So, GreenGeeks was founded in 2008.

It produces the most efficient use of resources and no waste. It also guarantees 99.9% uptime and provides customer assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.

Hence, WordPress, Joomla, WHMCS, and Prestashop were all sponsored. It also offers WordPress, pooled, and reseller hosting plans, as well as a free domain for the first year.

Web Hosting Service


GreenGeeks Features

  • It has a lot of excellent features, including the ones mentioned below.
  • GreenGeek provides you with Cpanel tools that allow you to access all of your email, domains, and files without any hassle.
  • Enable you to have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • It protected your website by backing it up every night.
  • Also, It ensures a high level of uptime.
  • So, It enables you to easily migrate your current website to GreenGeeks web hosting software.
  • It gives you a free domain, an unlimited number of websites, unlimited bandwidth, and an unlimited amount of web space to help you operate your website efficiently.

GreenGeeks Pricing

GreenGeek offers three types of plans, all of which provide limitless features.

Lite– A lite plan costs 2.4 dollars per month. You get an unlimited amount of web space, unlimited data transfer, a free domain, and many other benefits.

Pro– The monthly cost of the pro package is $4.95. Unlimited web space, unmetered data transmission, a free domain, and a complimentary CDN included excellent.

Premium: The monthly expense of the premium plan is $8.95. You get an unlimited number of websites, unlimited web space, a free domain, and free nightly backups, among other things.


iPage is one of the largest and most versatile web hosting companies, and it offers webmasters web hosting guidelines. Also, It is a low-cost web hosting service with excellent quality and functionality.

iPage allows users to create new websites without having to know how to code. iPage provides easy access to websites and designs to assist you in growing and flourishing your business. So, If you are not happy with the company’s operation, you are entitled to a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Thus, It includes unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, a free domain name, and more. It also allows you to use existing website templates and themes, and it primarily aims at small businesses and bloggers.



iPage Features

iPage has a lot of cool features, as you can see in the list below.

  • Drupal, Magneto, and WordPress are all supported.
  • Get phone and talk support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • It allows you to have an infinite number of addresses, storage space, and domains.
  • Defense and security.
  • So High availability.
  • Guaranteed money back.
  • Also Simple to find and use.

iPage Pricing

iPage has a variety of plans to choose from. You can choose all of the plans that best fit your needs.

Hence, a Shared hosting plan: $1.99 a month for a shared hosting plan. You get an infinite number of websites, unlimited storage, a free domain, and many other benefits.

WP starter plan—the WP starter plan costs $3.75 a month and includes unlimited website storage and a personalized control panel.

The WordPressWP Essential plan is available for $6.95 a month. You get an unlimited website, unlimited storage, expert WordPress support, and site lock protection.

5.DreamHost Web Hosting Service

Dreamhost is a Los Angeles-based web hosting company found in 1996. It ensures that its users have access to an easy, safe, and always engaging website so that when customers visit your site, they have a positive impression of it.

Hence, It seven nominates for an award. About 1.5 million websites have been hosted on it. Your website will also be up and running, and Dreamhost guarantees a 100% uptime guarantee. If there is a problem with the quality, the users will give a 97-day money-back guarantee.

Web Hosting Service


Dreamhost Features 

1. Super easy to use:

The custom control panel of Dreamboat is simple to use and removes the burden of managing your web hosting.

2. It provides free domain and free SSL security. 

3. Dreamhost plans are cheap. 

4.  Single-Click Application Installation:

DreamHost’s scripts write so that you can install WordPress – as well as a variety of other applications – with a single mouse click.

5. Money-back guarantee of 97 days:

So, If you buy the Dreamhouse software and have a problem with the protection or efficiency of the software. You will be eligible for a 97-day money-back guarantee.

6. Environmental dedication: Dreamhost is aware of its environmental commitment. It recognizes that a hosting company must provide resources to the community.

7. Great customer service:

Dreamhost offers excellent customer service to its customers. Customer service is also available seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Thus, The pricing for DreamHost’s web hosting plans can find below.

DreamHost Pricing

The cost of shared hosting is 7.95 dollars a month. With the hosting service, you get a free domain, unlimited storage, email address, and a 97-day money-back guarantee.

The cost of Dreampress controlled WordPress hosting is 16.95 dollars per month. So, You get extreme performance, simpler management, no bandwidth or per-visit limits, and the ability to use any WordPress theme or plugin.

VPS hosting is $15 a month and includes a dedicated IP address. Thus, You get unlimited bandwidth, various server configurations to choose from, unlimited domains, and WordPress, Drupal, and other software installers, among other things.

Dedicated server: The monthly cost of a dedicated server is 149 dollars. You get entire root and shell control, RAID 1 storage, and WordPress and Drupal installers. Also available are up to 12 cores, 64GB of RAM, and 2TB of storage.

Final verdict | Top 5 Web Hosting Service Provider

We notice a wide variety of web hosting service providers available in the sector as we examine the five best web hosting service providers of 2021. The features of almost every service provider are nearly identical. As a result, you must consider those criteria before selecting a web hosting service provider.

Efficiency, customer service support, security and safety, high uptime, and several other factors considered. If you are a small blogger or business owner, you do not need to purchase the company’s VIP or premium plans because the start-up package is sufficient for your needs.

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