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KnownHost Review 2021 | Pros & Cons | Is It best hosting?

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In the present scenario, there are hundreds and thousands of hosting providers out there trying to make their services top notch but very few of them do. You probably heard of the top hosting providers like BlueHost, Hostinger, GoDaddy just because their marketing strategies are just insane.

Undoubtedly there are some benefits that you get along with this kind of top-rated hosting, but the thing is they’re quite expensive. Especially if you are a beginner out there & not supposed to spend a lot of money then you should definitely Look upon the other alternatives. 

Through KnownHost we try to test the hosting first upon our blogs and based upon that we serve a piece of review that’ll he’ll you know better about hosting and their offering. 

This time we came across one of the underrated but legit hosting providers i.e. KnowHost, I am sure you might have not heard of it unless and until if you belong to the digital background or so. 

The reason behind being so underrated is its non-aggressive marketing strategies. So if you’re the one who is supposed to know more about the KnownHost make sure to stick with the post till the end as I’ll be doing the in-depth KnownHost review 2021 that’ll surely help you decide whether it’s suitable for you or not. 

What Is KnownHost? | KnownHost Review 2021

As per the research, KnownHost is the US, West Chester-based company running for a decade. It was launched way back in 2006 which means throughout the decade they’ve done a pretty good job of being consistent in service providers. 

The reason you don’t know about KnownHost is that they won’t serve any kind of paid ads or so, and do not have any marketing agenda which makes them truly legit. The vendor is supposed to win the market organically without applying an external force to pitch it. 

And if you’re the kind of person who believes in authentic services, KnownHost could be the best choice you’d ever make. 

Well, I’m not saying that KnownHost is the only hosting provider serving you genuine services but yes they’ve tried to signify their services in a great way that’ll convince you to look upon it. 

From performance to speed and uptime everything is insanely managed which is a good thing about the KnownHost.  Things that make the KnownHost even lucrative are its insanely managed features. So if you are someone who’s willing to know about their features let’s get deep into it. 

knownhost web hosting website review

What Are The Features Of KnownHost? 

Features of KnownHost used to offer some of the advanced features amongst which we’ve shortlisted the best ones that you need to know about in our KnownHost hosting review. 

  • Insane Speed

The speed of the website is another big factor for most of the bloggers who get filled by not providing a good amount of speed to their audience. The KnownHost promised to serve an authentic performance and speed that’ll maintain your website so high. 

Apart from the speed of the website, there are other advantages like low Bounce rate and SEO that will increase the conversion rate if you are an affiliate marketer. KnownHost hosting serves an authentic user experience to their visitors it is better to adopt the services offered by KnownHost that’ll maintain your website without getting it affected by certain lag. 

The average loading speed provided by the KnownHost is 0.338 seconds which isn’t a bad one and similar to the Hostinger speed. Rather you’ll notice the lag in loading speed which usually occurs due to technical errors that can be sorted in while. 

  • Higher Uptime Of 99.99% 

Uptime is one of the crucial things that one cannot ignore at any instance. The KnownHost is offering a mind blowing uptime of 99.99% which means no room remains for getting your website down at any instance. 

Also, we have analyzed their uptime speed on our own website and found it to be so good. But let me tell you, each month your website goes under 40 minutes and that’s only because of the update their engineer does, but usually you won’t face any issues regarding their ultimate limits. 

As per the third party data of Hyperspin, the monitored average availability of uptime is around 99.92% which is acceptable and the results are based upon the personal usage and calculation. 

For the major updates related to their hosting their executives you serve you a pre-mail to alert about their uptime issues which is a good thing. 

KnownHost Review 2021 - KnownHost web hosting Features
  • Balanced Backups 

Backups are one of the important factors that you need to look upon while choosing the hosting provider as very few of them use a backup feature. The backup tool will not only revamp your website data but also helps you in the rainy days when you are supposed to migrate your website from one host into the another. 

Apart from this if and if you are supposed to upgrade the overall amount of space then it is quite cheap. KnownHost costs you somewhere around $0.02/ month per GB. For increasing the reliability they allow you to access several extensions as well like JetBackup. 

  • Free Migration 

Migration support is kind of useful for those who want to switch from any other hosting provider to the KnownHost. You don’t even have to pay a single amount for migrating your website and the process is pretty simple as any one can proceed with it. 

Even if you are not tech-savvy it will take a few clicks to switch in between. 

  • Instant Account Setup

Nobody likes to adopt the hosting that takes too much time to get setup, but apparently the KnowHost used to serve instant setup so you don’t have to Hustle a lot about the website setup process that can get done in a while. 

For instant accessibility, you will get the support of a control panel where you can handle all the tasks within a few clicks which differs it from the other hosting provider. 

  • Acceptable Customer Support 

Customer support is another major pillar when it comes to the hosting provider and throughout every corner of it, we have noticed that very few of the hosting providers provide you with authentic customer support. And KnownHost is one of them. 

They have simplified their Customer services by offering you a tremendous amount of services that you can look upon if you get stuck in any of the issues related to hosting a website. You get a 24/7 customer support facility so that you can get in touch with their customer-inspired you anytime you need. 

knownhost web hosting customer support review

In the majority of the cases which have been found that they usually reply within 2-3 minutes of submitting the tickets. So even if you are just a beginner and want to set up a website in a very short amount of time then knownhost customer support is there to help you out. 

  • Free Domain 

Providing a free domain is not a new offering in the market but very few of the hosting providers out there used to offer it. I was worried about whether the KnownHost serves a few domain names or not, but apparently, I got to know that it is to serve a free domain name. 

Overcharging is not applicable here which is a good thing. A free domain is truly helpful for the one who’s loping to create a fresh website with no domain authority which is a good thing. 

  • Insane Security

In the present scenario, security plays a crucial role just because most of the websites are getting hacked by hackers and hackers. The KnownHost used to serve a free security service that’ll get your job done. 

The free SSL certification along with the DDoS protection will help you to keep your website away from spammers and hackers. We’ve observed that hosting providers like Milesweb and Godaddy used to offer similar kinds of features. 

How Much Does KnownHost Cost? | KnownHost Hosting Pricing

As the KnownHost hosting pricing is concerned, it used to offer several insane features at an affordable price that will get your job done in a while. I have listed down the plan that is being served by KnownHost. So let’s get into it. 

KnownHost Web Hosting 

KnownHost Web hosting is considered to be the most affordable web hosting services offered by KnownHost, so here are the plans that are being served to you:- 

  • The basic web hosting plan is available at just $3.47/ month where you will get access to 5 GB of cloud storage along with that you can host a single domain with it. 
  • A standard web hosting plan is available at just $6.47/ month where you will get 20 GB of cloud storage along with that you can host 5 domains with it. 
  • The professional web hosting plan is available at just $9.97/ month where you will get unlimited storage space along with that you can post unlimited women with it. 

KnownHost VPS Hosting 

For the faster accessibility of the website, it is very essential to adopt KnownHost virtual private server hosting where you will get access to a separate server for your website. Although it is quite expensive compared to the other posting patterns, it is completely worth it if you are supposed to take your website to the top without any lag. 

Following are the plans that are being served to you:- 

  • The basic VPS server plan is available at just $40/ month. 
  • The standard VPS server plan is available at just $60/ month.
  • The professional VPS server plan is available at $80/ month. 
  • The premium VPS server plan is available at just $100/ month. 

KnownHost Reseller Hosting 

KnownHost Reseller hosting is specifically designed for the one who is supposed to reseller hosting to their consumers at affordable pricing, following are the plans that you get:- 

  • The basic reseller hosting is available at just $6.97/ month where you will get 25 GB of cloud storage. 
  • The standard reseller hosting is available at just $9.97/ month where you’ll veg access to 50 GB of SSD storage. 
  • The professional reseller hosting is available at just $14.97/ month where you’ll get 100 GB of cloud storage. 
  • The premium reseller hosting is available at $27.47/ month where you’ll get around 200GB of cloud storage. 

KnownHost Dedicated servers

A dedicated server is a bare-metal server with its own dedicated resources available in several builds for your use dedicatedly. Dedicated servers can be set up for the long-term increase of your business or performance for your new application. Moreover, they simply utilize enterprise-grade hardware on all dedicated server provisions.

KnownHost Dedicated servers allow additional features such as software/hardware RAID on prime of all of our allowed software additions; i.e. LightSpeed, LSCache, Imunify360, and Cloudlinux, this helps us to build the best platform for any scenario. KnownHost Dedicated servers have a data center in Atlanta, GA currently.

  • The Dual Intel Xeon E5620 2.4GHz server plan is available at just $41.65/ month. 
  • The Intel Xeon E-2224 server plan is available at just $87.20/ month.
  • The Dual Intel Xeon Silver 4208 server plan is available at $175.20/ month

Apart from the above-described plan provided by KnownHost Managed Hosting, there are a few of the Other pricing patterns as well that will get your job done so make sure to visit the official website for more details regarding pricing details as per the plans. 

Pros and Cons Of KnownHost Hosting

Before you adopt any of the services offered by KnownHost, In our KnownHost review 2021 we have shortlisted some of the pros and cons of KnownHost Hosting that you need to look upon.


  • Get a 24/7 customer support facility. 
  • Get SSD support that’ll maintain your website performance at a higher instance. 
  • The uptime and security are top-notch. 
  • The entire workspace is quite simple and user-friendly UI. 


  • There’s no windows support. 
  • The plans are quite overwhelming which will get you confused. 

Should You Purchase KnownHost Hosting? 

As per the convenience, we found that KnownHost is one of the authentic service providers out there in the market that is consistently putting their efforts in serving high and plans at affordable pricing.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a fixed budget and want to host your website with the insane featured hosting services but you should definitely Look upon it. 

Final Verdict | KnownHost hosting review 2021

Through this entire blog post, I have served you detailed information about the KnownHost hosting review 2021. So if you are the one who is willing to adopt the hosting services at affordable pricing then I will highly recommend you to go with it as it is pretty inexpensive and will get your job done by serving tremendous features. 

But make sure you have a look at the pros and cons of KnownHost Hosting so that you will get to know better about the hosting offerings. Also, check out knownhost hosting official website to know more about their deals and discounts. 

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