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We are looking for dedicated IP hosting that comes with customized customer service? To find out if IX Web Hosting is right for you, read our review. IXWebhosting, founded in 1999, is one of the most well-known web hosting companies on the planet. IX Web Hosting has expanded to host more than 500,000 websites since that time. So, after reading about IX Web Hosting Review, we know that IX Web hosting offers a wide range of hosting options, and all of their hosting providers are competitive-site companies priced.

IX Web Hosting is a hosting company that offers many services to clients who want to get their website up and quickly. This firm will provide fit support but of the hosting needed. Those who want to start slowly should only purchase one of the three shared hosting packages. However, you should be mindful that each always offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth, implying that you can easily host a much larger site or web store if you are prepared.

What is IX Web Hosting?

IX Internet gives three different Linux-based shared hosting packages. Also, they provide two other Windows-based shared hosting plans. Even their VPS hosting comes in two different types, depending on your site’s needs. With a VPS, you can choose between a Windows or Linux operating system, as well as cPanel or Plesk as your control panel.

According to Fathi Said, the company was created in Columbus, Ohio, in the United States, and he is still the CEO. In 2007, Said promised that the firm would host over a quarter of a million sites in five years; they would almost certainly sponsor more.

Are you looking for dedicated IP addresses for your current or new website? Consider IX Web Hosting, which sets itself apart from its rivals in the crowded midcentury hosting industry by offering dedicated IPs to all of its clients.

Yes, the most basic shared hosting package adds up to two dedicated IP addresses. Is this enough to convince you to choose IX over other hosting companies? Maybe not, but it might be enough to make IX Web Hosting the right choice for your firm.

IX Web Hosting offers various hosting packages, and which one is best for you depends on your goals. On the subject of trustworthy hosting, IXWebHosting also emphasizes the importance of community safety. They assure their clients that their hosted websites are secured rather than easily hacked by offering three types of solutions: blacklist monitoring, malware detection, and fast problem resolution.

ix web hosting review

If you need higher quality, a VPS IX Web hosting server is the best option. Ixwebhosting.com offers four different VPS packs, two for each of the free operating systems, to make choosing the right host for your site much simpler. If your site uses a lot of RAM, IX Web Hosting allows you to update it at any time so that your readers or clients are not failed. Although cloud hosting with IX Web Hosting is a little more costly, it also comes with a lot of unity, so you can rest assured that your site will be up and running at all times. Clients who use cloud storage will get full root access and make any changes they want right away.

IX Web Hosting Data Center

IX Web Hosting is satisfied with its Tier 3 (n+1) redundant data center. It enables you to maintain optimum uptime as well as an additional backup of your client’s data. It can provide websites with high uptime by acting as an automated transmitter into the excess power supply in the event of demand. Regardless, the supplier has two commercial diesel generators on standby for 24 hours, more simple, partial, and firm. They are hosting claims to give trait-rich hosting programs that are easy to use and made possible by hardware and tools. The supplier insists that it has dedicated support teams for network and device control. It also adds 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  If you want their clients to trust their solutions, they have been fully tested before being tested directly.

IX Web Hosting Control Panel

You’ll be disappointed if you’re looking for a control panel similar to cPanel, Plesk, or even vDeck. IX has a user-friendly control panel through their shared hosting plans, but it’s a little awkward.

I can tell from personal experience that the control board is not user-friendly. If you’re new to websites, IX will make it challenging to get your site up and running.

The CMS must manually configure to enable your site URL to look on the home page. Yes, it’s a simple setup – if you don’t mind, I’ll give you a speech from www.example.com/blog. If you want your site to look like www.example.com, you’ll have to install it manually (or tweak it in the .htaccess or complex code that the WP config document). That may be perplexing for newcomers.

Customer Care | IX Web Hosting Review

Like many other web hosting companies, IX offers a variety of client service options, including phone, online service ticket, email, and a 24/7 online chat service.

Each client is assigned an individual rep when they subscribe to IXWebHosting services, and the company is proud to say that its representatives are equipped to provide an “exceptional and “a unique customer service experience.” That’s a nice touch. Many firms ads that they have American-based support and a native English-speaking team; IX is no exception. Their members work alongside other workers in the firm, which would be more efficient than outsourcing client services.

Can IX Web Hosting keep its pledge of “best support in the hosting business”? Any new client assigns a “Personal Support Representative” by the company. It gives new users trust when deciding where to use the IX tools.

The ticket flag to this agent’s focus whenever the client gives a new ticket petition for service, cultivating a sense of “organizational memory” that is comforting to new clients and difficult to find elsewhere. Clients can also find their agents through social media.

IX Web Hosting also offers many ways for customers to get help and answers to their questions. So, IX Web Hosting gives email addresses for some parts of its service site and toll-free phone support in the United States (toll fees that apply elsewhere) and dwells web-based chat. Hence, IX also offers video guides, a how-to manual, and a series of written FAQs in addition to busy service/support in the firm social networking reports.


There are few things more relevant to a website owner than how often the site is up and open to visitors (as well as being accessible to you so you can make updates and changes).

With IX, you can rest assured that your pages will be available 99.9% of the time within a year. If your rate falls below this during a given month, you’ll be eligible for an entire that and month’s worth of hosting charges. All you have to do to request a refund is contact a client service agent via the online Help Desk.

I searched on the internet and found three IX-hosted websites monitored for the previous seven decades and did not have 99.9% uptime. 99.839 percent of available bandwidth was used (but 100 percent for the last seven days once I checked). It’s not a huge difference, but it’s enough to trigger problems.

ix web hosting review upyime

So, you may be wondering what exactly IX does to ensure optimum uptime. The best aspect is that IX owns its own data center, which is equipped with Tier 3 suppliers and n+1 redundancy. It provides a second data backup source. IX will monitor the world, both the device and the hardware, after being installed in their data center (located in the same building as the organization’s management, sales, and marketing areas). In a power outage, two heavy-duty generators are readily available to keep servers up and run.

IXWebHosting employs network applications that perform continuous observation, malware detection, and retrieval solutions in terms of security. When corrupted files are found on your accounts, the malicious code is mechanically filtered along with the modified documents, which is an excellent feature of malware support. The vibrant image to your right represents IXWebHosting’s uptime for the previous seven days.

Site Builder Tools and Templates

Most IX Web Hosting shared hosting plans include SiteStudio, a point-and-click website building service, at no extra cost. Its native interface appears to be a little dated, based on the demo, but it seems that and IX Like pretty easy to use and navigate.

Although the beginning templates appear traditional and not particularly dynamic or up-to-date, it is possible to add individual page parts with amazing control and detail levels. Other hosting providers, such as cloud or dedicated hosting bundles, do not have access to SiteStudio.

Clients of Linux-based cloud and VPS hosting, on the other hand, have access to cPanel, which adds a one-click software installation process for some Softaculous programs, including standard content management systems (CMS), WordPress, Joomla, and shopping cart apps.

You may also use SiteBuilder, a paid add-on service offered by IX Web Hosting, for a small monthly fee. It’s a more effective point-and-click website builder that can help you create a visually appealing site even if you don’t have any design experience. An extra benefit: This tool also enables you to create an able-looking Facebook Page for your business or firm without the need to hire a graphic designer, as some businesses do.

Pricing and plan | Ix Web Hosting Review

Like companies many of its rivals in the client hosting industry, IX Web Hosting offers three main types of hosting services. Each treatment is tailored to a specific consumer segment and can provide at various price points. Like other hosting providers, IX Web Hosting’s entry-level option is based on a shared hosting deal.

IX Web Hosting distinguishes itself from rivals by offering a free trial and no long-term contracts.

IX Web Hosting does not provide reseller hosting programs, unlike some of its competitors. Any of the services, however, can be broken and resold. If that’s something you want to look into later, make sure you ask before signing up for a specific plan.

Shared Hosting

Because of its shared hosting services, IX Web provides three different tiers of plans. All three programs offer unlimited bandwidth, disk storage, data transfer, and the ability to create total domains and subdomains. Clients at all three levels value the availability of 24/7 customer service through email, ticket system, phone, and site-based chat.

shard hosting

The monthly fee for the Expert program is $3.95. The Pro kit is IX Web Hosting’s most basics shared hosting approach. It consists of the following parts:

  • Linux-based shared hosting
  • One free domain registration
  • Infinite disk space
  • Infinite bandwidth
  • Host millions of sites
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Up to two dedicated IPs
  • One-click WordPress installment
  • Free website builder
  • IX Web Hosting’s proprietary control panel


  • Pro ($3.95): Includes up to two dedicated IP addresses and one free domain.
  • Business Plus ($7.95) includes up to three dedicated IP addresses and two free domain names.
  • Infinite Pro ($7.95) includes up to 15 committed IP addresses and three free domain names.


  • Business Plus ($4.50) includes three free IP addresses and two free domain names.
  • Infinite Pro ($9.95) includes 15 free IP addresses and three free domain names.

Additional Hosting Services

Cloud networking, Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, and dedicated hosting services are also available from IX Web Hosting. You don’t have to manage your servers with cloud hosting because IX Web Hosting will do it for you. This software offers the benefits of dedicated server hosting at a typically less costly rate than hosting plans or owning and maintaining your physical servers.

The IX Web Hosting “Cloud from IX” service has a 99.999 percent uptime guarantee. You can also choose IX Web Hosting’s virtual private servers (VPS) as a hosting option. Typically a less costly rate gives you access to your operating system and full root access to your server, and guaranteed uptime. It’s similar to having a dedicated server but at a lower price in IX Web Hosting Review.

The IX VPS options run on either Linux or Windows, and you can choose which platform is better for your needs (the IX professionals can allow you to make that decision if you are unsure).

With either point, you’ll be able to choose between two levels at fair prices, with guaranteed RAM of 768 MB or 2048 MB and data transfer rates of 1500 GB or 2000 GB. There are two storage options: 50 GB and 100 GB. Almost all VPS plans have two dedicated IP addresses.

WordPress hosting is also available from IX, including up to three free domain names, free disk space and bandwidth, WordPress setup, and WordPress-trained client service. You’ll get a 30-day money-back guarantee as well as about 15 dedicated IP addresses.

VPS Hosting

vps virtual private server hosting


  • 4x CPU cores, 768MB RAM, 1500GB data transport, 50GB storage, cPanel or Plesk control panel ($54.95)
  • 8 CPU cores, 2048MB RAM, 2000GB data transport, 100 GB storage, cPanel or Plesk control panel 


  • X4 ($69.95): 4 CPU cores, 768MB RAM, 1500GB data transfer, 50GB storage, Plesk 10 control panel
  • X8 ($104.95): 8 CPU cores, 2048MB RAM, 2000GB data transfer, 100GB storage, Plesk 10 control panel

Pros and Cons | Ix Web Hosting Review

  • Dedicated IP has a generous amount of bandwidth – dedicated IP is a huge benefit for all!
  • Cheap – Incredible value for money when compared to the features.
  • English-speaking client service agents on-site – This is a fantastic feature, particularly for US clients.
  • Reputable host with a 99.9% uptime guarantee (see IXWebHosting uptime under).
  • Programs for Linux and Windows hosting
  • 100% Money-back Guarantee
  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Infinite hosting
  • Free 7 Day Demo (CC Isn’t Charged for seven days)
  • It also includes Free “One-click” scripts Installment
  • Free Dedicated IPs (eCommerce Ready, SEO Secure )
  • 24/7 Customer Service (by phone, chat, ticket, Email )
  • Private Support Rep
  • CPU cores, total root/admin access, and control panel selection (Such as VPS Cloud and Hosting Programs)
  • Credits for Google AdWords (up to $25), Miva (up to $50), and Yahoo! (up to $25)
  • Choice of Easy Install Shopping Carts
  • Free Site Construction
  • The Control panel is not simple to use.

Conclusion | IX Web Hosting Review

Simply put, IXWebHosting is an excellent on-site hosting service that comes with great client service, reliable hosting servers, and a long list of hosting features – including, of course, the sum of free dedicated IP in Unlimited Guru (that is a massive deal).

IXWebHosting isn’t flawless, though, just like every other internet host. The control panel of IXWebHosting has a vital flaw: the user interface outdated and unfriendly. There are several strange restrictions (by way of instance, you cannot auto-install a CMS into your origin).

So here’s my conclusion: If you need a dedicated IP address, have a small budget, and are familiar with site design/development, IXWebHosting is a great choice. On the other hand, I do not believe IXWebHosting is a good choice for a beginner who is just getting started.

IX Hosting is an excellent choice for site owners on a tight budget that hosts multiple sites. There is room to grow with open VPS programs as your site grows. IX Web Hosting is an excellent option for web managers who value aid, features, and overall client service.

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