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IONOS Hosting Review 2021 | Complete Pricing & Features | Is It Worth Buying?

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The 1&1 IONOS is a large-scale cloud hosting system that appears with various hosting packages and website-creation tools. It is one of the best choices for companies looking for a feature-rich and reasonably priced hosting solution.

This hosting offers various appealing packages, including shared hosting, virtual private server (VPS) hosting, WordPress hosting, and dedicated hosting. Nonetheless, IONOS stands out from the pack as an editor’s Choice option in the class, thanks to its cloud storage programs and versatile packages that cater to small businesses and enterprise-class customers.

This, coupled with decent pricing, has made IONOS a favorite in the hosting service world.

But how good is IONOS Hosting?🤔

For the purposes of this IONOS hosting review 2021, we are going to cover every hosting services that are provided by IONOS, but first, let’s get to know more about the IONOS hosting.

What’s IONOS Hosting?

With over eight million customer contracts, 1&1 IONOS was established in Germany in 1988 and is now Europe’s largest web hosting company. It is a leading cloud computing resource provider, cloud solutions, and hosting provider.

Starts from domain names to traditional sites and do-it-yourself choices, from internet ads and marketing platforms to high-tech servers and SaaS solutions, the product range has everything a business needs to succeed in the cloud.

In addition to enterprise clients with specific IT specifications, the portfolio targets freelancers, small businesses, and consumers. With such a diverse range of hosting options, it’s no wonder that 1&1 IONOS manages 12 million domain names and has 8 million client contracts worldwide.

Small white-collar companies should use this hosting provider because of its all-time boxes, low cost, and a strong emphasis on protection and dependability. Nonetheless, the online testimonials for 1&1 IONOS are a mixed bag. Many people applaud it, but many others complain about poor customer service, sneaky add-ons, and difficult-to-cancel direct debits.

The company offers a wide range of services to meet almost any need, including shared hosting, site builder plans, simple and managed WordPress hosting, skilled e-commerce hosting, as well as some qualified VPS, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers.

IONOS hosting review 2021

Features Of IONOS Hosting

IONOS hosting providers offer numerous amount of features that will make sure that your website runs at a smooth speed. Apparently, there are plenty of features, though we have listed some of the very essential and valuable features of ionos hosting in our IONOS hosting review 2021.

Improved User Interface

IONOS does not use the standard cPanel interface; instead, they have built their own custom backend. It may not be immediately apparent to those unfamiliar with cPanel, and it may take some time to get used to at first, but it is relatively easy to use. You can handle domain names, SSL licenses, email addresses, and website statistics from the dashboard. IONOS has also improved the search bar to make it easier to locate settings and switch between goods.

Other customers have had mixed feelings about the IONOS port, especially when it is less intuitive than cPanel. Nonetheless, it seems that IONOS has made an effort to improve the dash’s usability and make it more mobile.

Free SSL Security

Another important aspect of a hosting company is security. Fortunately, IONOS excels in this field.

The provider uses a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate and a Wildcard SSL Certificate. It allows your site to be more creative in terms of security, which should allow you to breathe a sigh of relief after doing business online.

To get an HTTPS site, you’ll need an SSL certificate. If your website’s URL starts with HTTP, Google will flag it as insecure. SSL certificates also secure the information shared between the website and the user. It aids your clients’ faith in you, which is the foundation of almost every business relationship.

Both the Server, Developer Shared Hosting, and Developer eShop packages provide a GeoTrust Dedicated SSL Certificate. Both Linux and Windows shared hosting programs provide a Wildcard SSL Certificate as standard.

Unlimited Bandwidth, Websites, and Internet space

When you consider the actual most familiar growing costs, the promise of multiple limitless capabilities is highly appealing. If you need to host many different sites for a short time on a tight budget, 1and1 are an excellent option. In principle, you can do it for less than a buck per month with 1and1 Hosting.

The promise of unrestricted bandwidth is as exciting as the infrastructure that will allow it. After that, we’ll have a lot more to say about 1&1’s features in terms of bandwidth and speed. Another unlimited plan with a price comparable to 1&1’s daily price.

Powerful Uptime-99.9%

When it comes to hosting services, one of the most important metrics we measure is uptime. You are paying to get the website up and running. If your website is constantly down due to a lack of uptime, your hosting service has failed you in the most critical region.

IONOS claims to have a 99.9% uptime rate. According to their Customer Service site, the only reason they don’t say 100 percent uptime is that they can’t account for natural disasters. Eventually, they even claim to have the best full page loading time is almost 1.23s.

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IONOS Customer Service

It is impossible to overestimate the value of excellent 1&1 IONOS customer service offered by them to their clients. It offers a 365-day-a-year phone service and an apparent information base of commonly asked questions and how-to guides.

There is a live chat option, but there may not be a broker available. A free email service is available for some programs, such as dedicated and VPS hosting. Fortunately, after the company changed its name to 1&1 IONOS, there is now a surplus service attribute.

You will receive free one-on-one assistance from your advisor at this stage. Well, there are other hostings likes Milesweb, Accuweb, hostwinds, etc falls into the same category in terms of customer services

Free Domain Name and Email Account

Extras are often a highlight. We enjoy looking at hosting sets. When you sign up for one of the paid options, you’ll get some free bonus features. Domain name registration and email address are two of IONOS’s most common free features. With the Vital, Business, and Expert Shared Hosting Packages, you get a free domain name for a year.

Both the Linux and Windows packages contain an email address on all levels regarding branded email accounts (another prerequisite if you want to be taken seriously by the people you do business with).

1&1 Supports Green Hosting Initiatives

These characteristics aren’t always related to the knowledge of 1&1 hosting. Even better, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with a company that understands the environmental impact. Renewable energies drive their information centers, and their clinics are entirely paperless, which both men and women appreciate.

Excellent Business Bonus Packages

Almost every hosting company offers a business-oriented incentive package. 1and1 Hosting provides packages that are competitive with the best. You will not only receive free Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo credits, but you will also receive a free SSL certificate.

1and1 offers over a hundred common website resources, such as shopping carts, slideshows, and website builders, that can all be set up with a single click and are included in your plan. One of the many advantages of partnering with a large corporation is that they have connections and can provide you with various freebies.

Benefits of Use | IONOS hosting Review 2021

Hosting can be a difficult task to plan, mainly if you are new to it. The great news is that this does not need to be the case! A successful hosting company would make your life as easy as possible for you.

“So, how does 1&1 IONOS go above and above to make their customers feel at ease?”

The user interface is one of the most important considerations. The control panel is where you handle the website and accounts, and the port refers to the layout of the control panel and how you communicate with it.

You can use the control panel to monitor analytics, create marketing campaigns, and manage your email account. How easy is it to navigate, though? After all, the control panel interface should not give you a headache every time you open it.

Most hosting companies, such as HostGator and Bluehost, use CPanel, a standard and reliable control panel. With its personalized installation, 1&1 IONOS defies this trend.

It’s all very well to be unique, but the reality is that 1&1 IONOS can update its control panel. It’s a little out of date, and it’s not the most user-friendly interface on the market. It might not be evident at first, and it will take some getting used to it.

Considering 1&1 IONOS ‘plans for small business owners and anyone who is new to technical terms, the company could go a long way to improve its service’s usability. And it’s good to see that in the last five years, their service has improved quite a lot bit.

Features of IONOS hosting Review 2021

IONOS Hosting Pricing and Plans

In this IONOS hosting Pricing and Plans, their are Shared, WordPress, Dedicated, Cloud & VPS hosting and they do have their sub-pricing. So make sure to read it out their all hosting plans which fit your budgets and suit your requirements.

Shared Web Hosting

Because of its low cost, shared hosting is one of the most well-known types of web hosting. The website distinguishes between system tools and shared hosting and separate websites hosted on the same server. Shared hosting is not very efficient, but it is a cheap web hosting option.

1&1 IONOS charges a standard monthly hosting fee but offers discounts if you sign up for multi-month or yearly packages. With every package tier, 1&1 IONOS allows you to choose a one-month program.

The Essential Package (starting at $4 per month) includes a free domain name that you can keep for as long as you use 1&1 IONOS. In addition, the program consists of 10GB of storage, ten email addresses, ten databases, and the capacity to handle 50 visitors per minute on a single website.

Business is the next tier, including the above-mentioned unlimited platform, unlimited storage, and 50 email accounts. That is a one-time deal. Vital costs $6 per month after the first year, while business costs about $1 per month.

The Expert plan (starting at $8 per month and rising to $16 per month after a year) includes 100 email accounts, improved malware protection, and the ability to handle nearly 500 visitors per second, as well as the same unlimited pages, unlimited storage, and infinite databases as the Business plan.

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VPS Web Hosting

VPS hosting is an advanced version of shared hosting. It is a more robust hosting option that allows your website to take advantage of more server resources. VPS hosting isn’t exactly cheap, but it’s still not prohibitively costly. Since other websites that share the host take a hit, you’re less likely to notice latency.

1&1 IONOS cloud-powered VPS plans (starting at a wallet-friendly $2 per month for 512MB of RAM, 10GB of SSD storage. And free data transfers) include one of the most important resources for building a platform. It withstands the rigors of the internet better than traditional shared hosting.

With the organization’s current $35-per-month VPS XXL pack, you can equip the Steam-or Windows-based servers with up to 12GB of RAM and 240GB of storage.


If you’re searching for ionos WordPress hosting, some of the Shared plans will get you started, but 1&1 IONOS also has WordPress packages that expertly manage. These prices from $3 a month were h paid monthly and included more direct download, Indices, recommended plugins, automatic updates, and enhanced support.

Is it indeed insufficient? Low-level functionality optimizations (Varnish-based caching, CDN), intelligent, automated updates, a staging environment to test promotions without affecting the live website, and much more included in the 1&1 IONOS WordPress hosting programs. The cost ranges from $18 to $120 per month.

The easily handled plans offer outstanding value and, at least in terms of value, trample on many competitors.

Dedicated Web Hosting

You won’t find anything more powerful than dedicated hosting in terms of non-cloud hosting. Because your website host on its server, you can take advantage of all of a host’s resources. There isn’t a single machine resource discuss here. Acute, mission-critical site operators should look into dedicated hosting as soon as they are able.

A8i, L-16, XL-32, and XL-64 are the four Linux-based (Windows as a hidden Alternative) dedicated hosting tiers offered by 1 & 1 IONOS. Traditional hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs) use in the applications, with the cost varying slightly.

The SSD-based A8i program, for example, starts at $45 per month and includes a 2.4GHz Intel Atom C2750 CPU, 8GB of RAM, 240GB of storage, and unlimited monthly data transfers. The HDD-based equivalent costs $70 a month and comes with a 1,000GB hard drive.

The 4XL-192 NVMe ($320 a month) plan has a 20-core Intel Xeon Gold 6210U CPU, 192GB of RAM, 1,000GB SSD unlimited monthly data transport. Sitelock intrusion security and the RailGun platform as a service (CDN) for faster page loads include all 11 IONOS dedicated hosting plans.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is becoming increasingly common. It differs from traditional hosting in that it distributes resources through multiple servers, while traditional hosting draws power from a single server. 1&1 IONOS has fully embraced cloud storage, providing a variety of levels of powered and managed cloud hosting that can be configured for any Linux or Windows operating system.

The plans start at $0.0069 per hour (plus a maximum of $5 per month) for a single-core CPU, 512MB of RAM, 30GB of SSD storage, and unlimited yearly transfers. It provides a 24-core CPU, 48GB of RAM, 480GB of SSD storage, and unlimited monthly data transport for a maximum of $0.5 per hour. There are controlled and unmanaged options available, as well as personalized services.

To put it another way, all of the 1&1 IONOS cloud hosting packages are exceptional. We initially rated 1&1 IONOS as a co-editors alternative for cloud hosting, and the low prices have since fallen.

Conclusion IONOS hosting Review 2021

For first-time buyers, 1&1 IONOS offers outstanding value techniques, as well as a plethora of other essential goods for everyone else. The shared hosting management console is no cPanel. But we found it was faster than many others once our website was up and running.

1&1 IONOS checks many boxes with its array of programs and add-ons, such as email marketing, domain name registration, and a site builder stage.

This supplier is suitable for small businesses and individuals but not for total beginners. It has sound cloud and dedicated hosting plans, but those looking for shared or VPS hosting should look elsewhere.

1&1 IONOS has specific techniques to scale a firm and provides competitive rates. Which are fantastic for all those starting on a budget. However, it is unsuitable for beginners due to its complex interface.

It’s difficult to say no to unlimited sites and bandwidth for less than a buck per month. But 1&1 offers various compelling reasons to do so. If you already own a lot of domains. So, you can get a lot of bang for your buck. But you’ll still have to deal with the frustrations of their speed, user expertise, and customer service. Well, I hope you have like our IONOS hosting Review 2021.

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