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If you are onto this page, then I am sure you might be wondering about the Hostinger web hosting services, features, and its various plan & pricing. Please stay connected with me for a few minutes, and I will give you complete detail about the hostinger review 2021.

Hostinger is mainly known for its low price shared hosting services; this brand has spread its roots wildly in the international market; thus, its presence is quite strong in much hosting industry.

However, hostinger begins with the name of, and back in 2011, they renamed their brand name and finally recognized as Hostinger. Hostinger has a massive success by setting up a record of 29 million satisfied clients.

If you are a beginner, you might be looking for slightly affordable, easy-to-use, and budget-friendly hosting for your website, then Hostinger should be on your shortlist.

Perhaps before getting deep into the Hostinger review, you need to know a few more essential things about hosting. So to make your work easier for selecting a perfect plan for your new site.

Is Hostinger the Perfect Choice to Host Your Site?

Hostinger usually tries to make a perfect balance between price and performance rather than just offering poor service at the lowest price in the hosting industry. However, hostinger company focuses on resource-rich shared hosting and scalable virtual servers.

Hostinger fits its infrastructure with a high-powered SSD and recently even finished off a self-imposed challenge to achieve an excellent score on Google PageSpeed Insights. Hence, finding SSDs and that level of performance at a price cheaper than most competitors is a stunning success. The customer’s support has also set a high bar level with its live chat and email.

Hostinger web Hosting review 2021 - hostinger pricing 2021

The obsolete boasts WordPress-friendly optimizations and an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder, along with day-to-day or weekly backups and a free domain name for yearly plans. No hosting hangs around in terms of the hostinger web hosting; let see more of what we have got into this Hostinger review 2021.

How Hostinger differs from other Hosting Services?

The founders of Hostinger did not aim to develop the crowd and create just another hosting service, although they found the modern company on an innovative idea.

They try ti keep it simple as they know that no one wants to pay for our marketing; they need hosting, which should equip with speed, a Simple Dashboard, Performance, Security, Support, and many more things.

However, to answer this question more in-depth, you must see the hostinger features, that what it offers to its customer?

Overview Of Hostinger Features

1.Speed and Reliability

In term of speed, the unique thing about Hostinger which differ from other hosting services is that they give you the best speed possible for Asia and Africa.

Similarly, if you satisfy those markets, you will be delighted to know that this European-based hosting tops its competition, which is extra concentrated on Europe and North America. 

There is no questioning about the reliability. Due to reliability, most of its user is glad to have hostinger as their hosting service.

They are quite serious about uptime guarantee, especially as they know the risk rank by business owners that cannot maintain a reasonable uptime rate.

Hostinger is very clear about the uptime guarantee; if your site falls below 99.9% because of the hosting issue, you will get 5% of your monthly fee back. If you have purchased expensive hosting from them, then you can enjoy this guarantee.

hostinger web hosting review 2021 - hostinger features images

2.Excellent Custom Dashboard

Hostinger is one of the too few web hosting companies with audacity, big enough to tangle with the UI of cPanel. Yet, they even easily managed to achieve everything done right.

 Branded hPanel, Hostinger’s custom dashboard is clean, a waft to utilize, and very spontaneous. However, their well designed minimalistic icons provide a nearly Muji like touch to the Dashboard.

You will feel overwhelmed with the systematic arrangement of its Dashboard. If you are coming with no experience, then there is no problem yet you will be very quickly able to use hPanel.


As we just talked about, it’s Uptime Guarantee as they are much more serious about it. But this is not the only thing that makes hostinger the best; it’s page load time will make you pleased. You might know that page loading time matters a lot because this is also one factor that can help you rank your site in search engines.

Although you have a few seconds to grab the attention of your reader, or else he/she will bounce back. Which can create a destructive impact in the minds of your reader about your site?

For preventing these kinds of things, it is essential to go with a better hosting provider who can offer you overall performance. And as you can see till now, hostinger have been up to the mark on its word.


Whether if you are a beginner or an expert, everyone required help and support. However, a web hosting provider must offer you a good support system whenever needed.

Well, you can tap on Help Section Hostinger’s Control Panel to open the service knowledge base. In this section, you will see well-selected topics like Setup & Install, Account & Billing, Hosting & Website, Privacy & Security, Domains, Emails.

This is not just the end of the Help section; however, they also have a search box to help you find whatever you required. Support service is accessible 24/7/365 via live chat and a ticket-based system.

Is Hostinger a Better Choice for you in 2021? 

There is no doubt that Hostinger is one of the inexpensive hosting providers in 2021 that boasts of incredible speed and reliability. Yet, is it up to You?

But, the simple answer is yes.

Regardless of other hosting providers, hostinger gives you some unique features and high and speed excellent performance.

In 2021, if you have to compete with your competitors, you need to have a genuine and reliable hosting provider who can offer you the essential features required for rank on the search engine’s first page.

I am sure that hostinger comes with an outstanding performance, 1-click installer, hPanel, reliability, uptime, free domain, page loading time, customer support, and many more things.

However, they even allow you to build your website from scratch, host it by choosing one of their plenty of hosting modes, select your plan, and start thriving your business.

Which Hosting Plan Is Right for You? 

Hostinger offers several hosting services on its official Hostinger website; each appears with multiple pricing plans. Yet, it makes it more challenging to select a better service, as every plan differs from one another.

There are various additional services and features, including free of charge, depending on your purchase plan. Additionally, hostinger offers you a 30-day money-back guarantee.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves and try to understand the essential elements of hosting, as this will help you narrow down our options and arrive at the final decision. Let see what the Hostinger plan & pricing are…

Hostinger Plan and Pricing

Through our Hostinger review 2021, we have tried to differentiate all the hostinger plan and pricing in a proper manner to make sure understand the credibility of each of the hostinger plans. So have a look into it

The most reasonable option, i.e. shared hosting plan (Single Plan) is almost coming at $0.99/month while the premium shared hosting plan comes at only $1.89/month and their business shared hosting plan comes at just $3.45/month.

These prices are almost unbeatable, and there would be remarkable prices even without the permanent sale that Hostinger has to go on. The most essential thing to keep in mind with pricing their permanent sale for your first 48-month payment.

Hostinger web hosting review 2021 - hostinger pricing
If you want to know more about the Hostinger pricing, just click on this link

Pros & Cons | Hostinger Web Hosting Review 2021

There is no doubt every company has some pros and cons, as no one is completely perfect. However, hostinger has also arrived with some pros and cons. As a beginner, you must look into this section before buying any web hosting from hostinger, so let’s see what they are.


  • It is reasonably priced for all hosting packages.
  • Excellent uptime guarantees up to 99.9%.
  • You can obtain a free domain name with your hosting buying day if you select at least a 12-month package.
  • With 1-click, you can install WordPress from the hosting admin panel.
  • Top-notch support from a friendly, quick, and helpful support 24×7.


  • The somewhat limited option of templates in their Zyro website builder
  • No chance of getting support by phone, only by live chat, email.

Final verdict

Taking everything into consideration, we conclude that hostinger is value for money. I must recommend you to use hostinger for your next project.  Although, it’s has got everything that a beginner required when they start their website.

Yet this hostinger web hosting review is completely unbiased, even though I am also hosting my website on hostinger. In my viewpoint, I haven’t found any issue regarding uptime, site loading speed, even though their customer support is too friendly, and they did solve all my queries while set uping my website on hostinger.

If you still have any queries or doubts regarding the Hostinger web hosting review 2021, then you can ask us in the comment section below; we will be happy to help you out. If you want to know more about the best web hosting services then do check our Top Five Web Hosting Services.

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