Bluehost VS WP Engine comparison Review 2021

BlueHost Vs WP Engine Comparison | Which Host is Best In 2021

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Whether to choose Bluehost or a WP Engine for your website? 

This is one of the highly asked questions by most of the beginners out there who are looking forward to creating their own website. Although we’ve reviewed both Bluehost Review and WP Engine reviews that you can look upon if you want. 

But nothing to worry about, as the vendors of HostGlime we are here to reveal an in-depth Bluehost Vs WP engine comparison along with their pricing details, pros & cons, and features so that you’ll be able to decide which one fits in your budget. 

Although the Bluehost vs WP Engine comparison review is totally based on our personal experiences, it is not any judgmental post that makes it so worthy for you if you’re looking for it. 

Apart from this, at the end we’ll let you know about the winner in between these two, so that will help you know which one is providing more value to the users in each aspect. So make sure to stick till the end. 

But before that, it’s essential to serve some of the basics of BlueHost and WP Engine.

What Is BlueHost?

Bluehost Vs WP Enigine Comparison, Bluehost website

Bluehost is considered to be one of the most authentic hosting providers on the market as it is highly recommended by which makes it an even more reliable source to host your website. 

If you are an e-commerce store owner then it is the best way to enhance your website abilities by heading off to the woocommerce hosting services provided by Bluehost. Although, there are several other options available like VPS hosting and dedicated hosting services that you can consider. 

Moreover, they’ve acquired more than a couple of million domains through the decade due to constant up-gradation in their services

What Is WP Engine?

Bluehost vs WP Engine comparison WP Engine website

Just like the Bluehost, the WP Engine is another hosting provider in the market that is serving the best WordPress hosting solutions. It doesn’t matter whether you adopt their enterprise-level plan or a shared hosting plan as you will get access to relatable hosting facilities that’ll get your job done. 

The performance of the WP Engine hosting is quite definitive that’ll help you to serve a best experience to your visitors. 

Similarly, the pricing is also acceptable and will help you to adopt any plan that suits your needs. So make sure to consider it on your list. 

We hope you’ve been introduced to both the hosting providers, now without any further ADO let’s get into the details review of Bluehost Vs WP engine comparison.

Detailed Comparison : BlueHost and WP Engine  

  • Uptime 

Uptime is one of the biggest factors that you should not ignore while choosing the hosting service for your WordPress website. It’s the only factor that makes your website even more reliable. 

No one likes to visit the website which gets down usually whenever they visit, at present, you’ll notice that most of the hosting providers used to serve an authentic uptime speed of over 99.99% which makes the website more convenient in terms of visitors. 

So, while researching we’ve been testing on Bluehost and WP Engine hosting provider’s uptime and we found that BlueHost pretends to serve over 99.9% uptime WP Engine wins the battle as it offers a sustainable uptime. Rarely it goes down unless and until there are no major updates. 

So if you’re the one who’s a bit conscious about their website growth it’s better to look upon the WP Engine which gets your job done. 

Winner:- WP Engine

  • Easiness 

What if I said everything would be insane but it’s quite hard to use? 

Most probably you will look upon the other hosting provider that provides a user-friendly interface. BlueHost and WP Engine both have pretty good UI that maintains their sustainability. 

So if you are someone who is looking for an easy-to-use hosting provider then it’s better to adopt BlueHost or WP Engine as both are pretty good at their services. 

Through its dashboard, one can get access to the cPanel through which installation of plugins and several other add-ons gets easier.

Along with that the overall security and optimization are also up to date that might not let you down even if you’re just a beginner.

Winner:- Both 

  • Loading Speed

Loading speed is another big factor that you need to take care of while choosing the hosting provider. Loading speed defines your website authenticity so it’s better if you adopt the hosting provider that provides a higher loading speed so that none of your visitors gets redirected to another competitive website.

Bluehost and wp-engine both used to serve automatic loading speed but have some sort of difference in between. Like the website based upon WP engine gets load within 582 MS whereas the website based upon BlueHost gets a load in 689 MS.

Winner:- WP Engine

  • Customer Support 

Customer support plays a crucial role in hosting. It’s because initially most of the people might face certain difficulties while installing or while migrating their domain from any other hosting.

Bluehost offers pretty good customer support service as you will get access to live chat along with the phone call support which is truly responsible for 24/7.

Earlier they we’re supposed to serve email support as well but meanwhile, they’ve discontinued it, which might not bother you, as they serve you a phone call support instead.

Whereas, when it comes to the WP engine customer support, they do serve the chat support for 24/7 but if you are willing to acquire their phone support then it’s essential to purchase their expensive plan which might bother you.

Winner:- BlueHost

  • Backup And Restore

Nowadays most of the time it happens that your website data gets disappeared due to some on authorized activity that needs a proper solution to maintain the website at a higher instance. 

So here you get the support of backup accessibility, it will not only help you to restore the data but along with that, you can revamp your website anytime you want. 

By grace, both Bluehost and WP engine used to offer automated daily backup features so you don’t have to worry about your data as it will get safeguarded by their executives. 

Winner:- Both

BlueHost Vs WP Engine Comparison Pricings

As the pricing is concerned both Bluehost and WP-Engine are used to serve varieties of different plans amongst which you can opt for the one that you need. 

So here in our bluehost vs wp engine comparison pricings review, we’ve analyzed their pricing and noted as they state.

BlueHost Pricing

Shared Hosting 

  • The basic plan is available at just $2.95/ month where you’ll get 50 GB SSD storage. 
  • The plus plan is available at just $5.45/ month where you’ll get unlimited SSD storage. 
  • The Choice plan is available at just $5.45/ month which consists of some of the advanced features. 
  • The pro plan is available at just $13.95/ month where you’ll get access to top-notch features.

Dedicated Hosting 

  • The standard plan is available at just $79.99/ month. 
  • The enhanced plan is available at just $99.99/ month. 
  • The premium plan is available at just $119.99/ month.

Likewise, there are other categories of options that you can consider purchasing if you have a mixed match in terms of budget and requirements as well. Each one of the packages defines the usage and requirement stats. 

Bluehost VS WP Engine comparison, Bluehost pricing
  • WP Engine Pricing

Managed Hosting

  • The startup plan is available at just $25/ month where you will get 10GB of local storage. 
  • The professional plan is available at just $49.17/ month where you’ll get 15 GB of SSD storage. 
  • The growth plan is available at just 20 GB of SSD storage. 
  • The scale plan is available at just $241/ month where you’ll get 50GB of SSD storage.

Managed Hosting 

  • The startup plan is available at just $28.33/ month where you’ll get 10GB of SSD storage. 
  • The professional plan is available at $52.50/ month where you’ll get 15GB of SSD storage. 
  • The growth plan is available at just $104.17/ month where you’ll get 20 GB of SSD storage. 
  • The scale plan is available at just $258.33/ month where you’ll get 50GB of SSD storage

Apart from these two categories of plan there are a couple of other categories to determine by visiting their official website.

Bluehost VS WP Engine comparison, WP Engine pricing

We hope that this Bluehost vs WP Engine comparison might be pretty helpful to you in order to compare the hosting pricing of both these hosting providers.

Pros and Cons of BlueHost Vs WP Engine Comparison

As we all know that, every coin has two phase, similarly this two hosting have some ups and downs of their hosting that we found while testing them. So let’s check it our the pros and cons of bluehost vs wp enigne comparisons.

  • BlueHost Pros and Cons



WP Engine Pros and Cons



Which Is Best? : BlueHost Vs WP Engine

According to my opinion, it’s been found that both Bluehost and WP Engine hosting providers are pretty good at their point just because they have different prices in detail and features. It might vary from person to person as per convenience and requirement.

But if you are just a beginner and want to get started with it’s better to adopt Bluehost just because they have affordable pricing and serve you better sustainability in terms of customer support. 

Likewise, if you are running a full-fledged website having a huge amount of traffic then you can consider WP Engine for hosting your website.

FAQs | BlueHost Vs WP engine comparison review

Below in our Bluehost vs WP Engine comparison review, as you can see below we have jotted down some of the most essential question, that you should be know before purchasing any of this hosting.

Definitely, the shared plan of Bluehost is pretty good that provides you True Value for money.

Both Bluehost and wp-engine used to offer the most reliable features, so there's no clear winner. But you can consider BlueHost as it's quite inexpensive in terms of budget.

No doubt, that WP Engine is a high quality host, which has excellent uptime. Great WordPress-specific security, daily backups, real-time threat detection, cloud platform flexibility, and many more features.

Absolutly Yes, as the WP Engine enforces secured file transfers by requiring the use of SFTP. which means that your files are safe and encrypted as they are transported, which is indirectly protecting them from any attackers.

Final Verdict | BlueHost Vs WP engine comparison

We have tried to simplify this stuff through these in-depth posts and provide you with the entire detailed BlueHost Vs WP Engine comparison. 

No, doubt that Bluehost and WP Engine serves the best hosting in their respective yards, but their were few things which makes them better from each others.

Apart from this if you are willing to look upon the other hosting reviews then make sure to visit our hostglime review section where we’ve broken down the things for you by serving you the pieces of reviews.


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