Bluehost Vs Hostinger Review | Which One is Best In 2021

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Do you get stuck into the dilemma where you’re not able to decide which one to opt for amongst BlueHost & Hostinger? 

Well, not to worry more now, as you’ve landed upon the right page.

HostGlime serves an authentic review and this time, we came across two major hosting providers in the market that are considered the best.  To take you out of the confusion we finally serve you a piece of review where we’ll compare both Bluehost Vs Hostinger. 

And we’re damn sure that by the end of the Bluehost Vs Hostinger review you’ll be having the subsequent amount of info. If that interests you make sure to stick with the post till the end. With that being said let’s get started. 

But, Wait Wait Wait!!!

You need to consider a few major factors that you need to look at in each of the hosting providers before you adopt their services.

Things To Consider While Choosing Hosting? 

Choosing the right hosting might be a hassle for a few, but once you get to know about its basics you’ll be able to choose the best in the market. Following are the factors you should consider while choosing hosting services:- 

  • Uptime 

Most of the hosting providers used to promise of serving an authentic uptime i.e. over 99.9% it very few of them put their promise on the top. So make sure to go through the reviews before you adopt any of the hosting services. 

  • Loading Speed 

It’s very essential to get the hosting provider that serves authentic loading speed that would affect your website growth. According to the research it’s been found that on average your website must get loaded within a couple of seconds, not more than that. 

  • Customer Support 

For most of the new users, customer support plays a crucial role as it not only helps them to set up their website from the scratch but also helps to get the issues sorted just within a while. So it’s better to adopt the hosting that serves authentic customer car support. 

  • Free Domain 

Initially, if you haven’t created any of the websites then it’s better to Grab the hosting service that you should serve. You are a free domain name so you don’t have to pay an extra penny for acquiring it. Make sure to choose the right one. 

  • Money-Back Guarantee

For those who are supposed to test the hosting the money-back guarantee could be the best option as it gives them the authority to acquire the services of hosting without any hassle. In case if someone doesn’t like the features or services they can get their money back.

These are some of the factors that you should make a note of and based upon them you must choose the hosting services. Now let’s jump onto the detailed comparison between BlueHost & Hostinger. 

Detailed Comparison Between BlueHost vs Hostinger

As services are concerned both the hosting service provider is considered to be top-notch. Nevertheless, we have been discussing each one of them so that you will find the best according to the choice and requirement. 

Based upon the features you can decide the winner amongst both of the hosting providers that will give you an idea of whether the subsequent hosting is fulfilling your need or not. So let’s get deep into the comparison of bluehost vs hostinger.

  • Performance 

Hostinger is considered to be the fastest and more reliable compared to BlueHost and the reason behind this is its user interface which is much more user-friendly than Bluehost.

While analyzing the performance of both hosting and Bluehost and found that serves approximately the uptime of 99.9℅ which makes it more reliable. 

Whereas the BlueHost also tends to maintain their uptime at 99.9% but we’ve analyzed that few times their uptime gets lower down due to which the website’s reliability might get affected and the targeted audience might get redirected to the other website due to this, but still the overall performance is top-notch. 

Bluehost Vs Hostinger review uptime
  • Loading Speed 

Loading speed is one of the most essential factors that one cannot ignore at any instance. Or I would say it is on the top priority while choosing the hosting services because none of your visitors likes to wait while visiting your website. 

Fast leading speed maintains the sustainability of the website at a higher instance. Very long time we have been checking for the speed of both Bluehost and hostinger and we found that Bluehost does a pretty good job by serving 425 MS loading speed which is a good approach. 

Whereas hostinger usually serves you a loading speed of around 0.8 seconds which is acceptable and might not bother you just because another feature of Hostinger is insane.

Initially, you can choose the Hostinger services and if you go with their VPS plan I don’t think you’ll be facing any issues regarding that. 

  • Security 

In the present scenario, most of the websites are getting hacked and the reason is not having decent Security Services. It’s better to adopt these services too early to keep your website away from hackers and spammers.

Hostinger and Bluehost both of the hosting services offer you free SSL certification that will help you to secure your website and enables HTTPS access as well. 

Alongside the BlueHost also serves you SiteLock as well that’ll increase the sustainability of the site. For more security purposes you can even get access to some of the advanced features that’ll surely help you as well. It’s important to maintain your website at a higher instance. 

  • Customer Support 

While testing both of the hosting services i.e. BlueHost & Hostinger, both have pretty decent customer support that’ll get your job done if you face any of the issues regarding their services.

Even if you are just a beginner and don’t know how to set up hosting along with your website it will be easier for you to get in touch with their executive to find the appropriate solution. 

While comparing both the hosting providers we concluded that hostinger does not serve you phone call support whereas Bluehost does which might be convenient for few people.

But it does not mean hostinger is not up to the mark in their customer support. Share you get support for live chat which in my opinion is the best as you get an immediate response. 

You can even choose a ticket option as well in both the hosting. But at last, Histonger can’t beat BlueHost as phone call support is termed to be the best source of services. 

  • Migration 

If you’re already running a website and willing to migrate to any one of the hosting providers amongst BlueHost & Hostinger then it’s essential to have free migration support that’ll he’ll you to process it further. 

Although the process might be quite technical BlueHost wins the battle over here by serving decent WordPress migration services so you don’t have to hassle a lot. Whereas Hostinger offers you free migration services that’ll surely help you to save a few bucks. 

We concluded that if you’re not tech-savvy and willing to migrate the website from any other hosting provider then it’s better to adopt BlueHost as it’s a convenient and easy method. It just requires a few clicks and you’re good to go. 

Pricing Details BlueHost Vs Hostinger Review

As the pricing is concerned, it is one of the essential factors behind the popularity of Bluehost and Hostinger. So if you are the one who is supposed to grab the most valuable hosting services at reasonable pricing, then you should definitely look for Bluehost or Hostinger because they provide a pretty good amount of features at affordable pricing. 

So let's dive into it. 

Bluehost Shared Plans

As BlueHost serves you tons of different plans amongst which you can adopt the one that fits your needs. To give you a quick overview we’ve shortlisted the Shared plan accordingly you will get an idea about their pricing, so the following are they:- 

Basic Plan

The basic plan is available at just $2.95/ month where you can host a single website and the storage capacity is around 50 GB. 

Plus Plan

The plus plan is available at just $5.45/ month where you can host unlimited websites and the storage capacity you get is unlimited. 

Choice Plan

The choice plan normally costs you around $5.95/ month where you'll get some of the advanced features compared to the plus plan.

Hostinger Shared Plan

Similar to the Bluehost hostinger also used to offer multiple different types of plans amongst which you can adopt the one as per the convenience. But we have shortlisted the shared web hosting plan so that you will get an idea about their pricing.

Single Plan

The single plan is available at just $1.39/ month where you can host a single website and storage capacity is around 30GB.

Premium Plan

The premium plan is available at just $2.59/ month and the storage capacity is around 100GB. Host up to 100 websites.

Business plan

The business plan is available at just $3.99/ month where you will be going toget unlimited storage capacity

The shared hosting plan is considered to be the best and most reliable plan for beginners who are just getting started with their first website. Later on, once the traffic gets increased you can upgrade your plan to the VPS or dedicated server that will help you to maintain your website at a higher instance.

Pros & Cons Of BlueHost & Hostinger 

Before you adopt any of the hosting services it is better to know about pros & cons of bluehost & hostinger, which will give you an idea about their servings.

We have been testing them for a very long time and have found both pros and cons. So let’s get into it.  

Bluehost Pros and Cons



Hostinger Pros and Cons



Which One You Should Opt? 

Until now you probably get to know what are the features that are being served by both of the hosting providers. We’ve analyzed their services and concluded that Hostinger and BlueHost both the hosting providers, do a pretty good job. 

But in my choice BlueHost could be the best option that you must consider. Also for the cheaper plans, you can consider Hostinger for sure.

FAQs Bluehost Vs Hostinger

Below we have listed out some of the common questions that pops-up in the minds of readers who are willing to buy such type of hosting. So, if you're even looking to purchase this hosting then have a look on the FAQs of Bluehost Vs Hostinger reviews.

Will I get a free domain with Hostinger & BlueHost?

Yes, you will get a free domain along with a free SSL certification with both hosting providers.

Which is more popular amongst Hostinger & BlueHost?

Both BlueHost & Hostinger have similar popularity as the plans are quite similar.

Can I use this hosting with WordPress?

Yes, you can easily use these hosting services with WordPress as it's well optimized.

Can these hosting providers handle an extreme amount of traffic?

As both the hosting provider has their own VPS and dedicated plan so it will be easier for them to handle heavy traffic.

Why do most bloggers use Hostinger & BlueHost?

As they both are quite good in terms of services and performance, most of the pro bloggers used to acquire their services.

Final Verdict | Bluehost Vs Hostinger Review

Through this detailed blog post, I have shared the in-depth bluehost vs hostinger review. We have compiled information in the best possible way so that it will be easier for you to make the decision as per your convenience.

As both the hosting providers serves a free domain along with their hosting plan that’ll surely help you to set up a website at a higher instance. If that’s helpful for you make sure to visit their official website of Bluehost & Hostinger to know about the plans and the features as well. 

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