Bluehost Vs Hostgator featured review

BlueHost Vs HostGator Review (2021): Which One Is Better?

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It’s not hidden that BlueHost and HostGator are a couple of the largest providers serving reliable hosting services to clients. 

In fact, they have been acquiring some of the largest market domains over a couple of millions and the reason behind this is that they are serving authentic services to the users that make them stick with the providers for a longer period. 

Although both BlueHost & HostGator are owned by Endurance International (EIG) which makes them quite relatable to each other’s features. 

But we found some of the major differences that we’ll be summarizing in this entire post so that even if you’re quite doubtful about their offering it’ll be even easier for you to compare both of them. 

At first glance, both of them are quite relative to each other, but people found BlueHost can take over HostGator, let’s see whether it’s true or not. 

But before we get deep into the Bluehost vs HostGator review 2021, you need to know the basics of BlueHost & HostGator

Introduction To BlueHost & HostGator 

If you are not familiar with both of the hosting providers then you are probably new to the market because they are the leading brands that need to be considered in the hit list before you opt for any of the other hosting services. 

But who they’re and what makes them lead throughout the market? 

Well, here’s the answer.


BlueHost is one of the oldest and largest hosting providers that’s been constantly serving their services for a couple of decades. The company was acquired by EIG back in 2011 which gives them benefits by upgrading their services to reach out to many consumers throughout the globe. 

Earlier before BlueHost was the only hosting provider in the market that used to serve a one-click WordPress installation service which makes it reach out to many consumers who are not supposed to hassle a lot



Just like the BlueHost the HostGator is another great hosting provider founded by Brent Oxley, he came across the idea of creating a hosting provider when he was studying in Florida. The headquarters has been situated in Austin and Texas ever since its beginning. 

As we have previously mentioned, HostGator also belongs to the EIG family since 2012. They have been curating their hosting services by adding up new features that may credit to the clients so that they would stick with them for so long. 

Something great about HostGator is that it’s the greenest hosting provider having high investments in renewable energy sources which keep the environment safe.

Hope you got an idea about their basics. Now it’s time to jump onto their offerings in order to compare their features and plans.

BlueHost Vs HostGator Comparison 

Based upon their features we decided to sum up all of their offerings in one point so that you’ll be able to decide which ones best. Also at the last of each feature, we’ve served a winner based upon the analysis of our team. 

So it’ll be easier for you to know more about their services. So, lets see more in-depth about Bluehost vs HostGator comparison

  • Bluehost Vs HostGator: Uptime

If you are ignoring the uptime limit of your website then probably you are letting your website go down which will eventually affect the domain authority of the website that needs to come into consideration. 

We have been analyzing the uptime ratio of both BlueHost and HostGator and found that HostGator leads by serving over 99.97% of uptime whereas BlueHost offers 99.94% uptime. 

Although you might be thinking why don’t serve a 100% uptime ratio which is impossible, as there are some major updates that require your website to get down for a while to roll up that specific update. And it’s completely acceptable because it is beneficial for your website only. 

So if your website consists of a high amount of traffic it’s better for you to opt for HostGator over BlueHost, as no one likes to face the down website which allows them to redirect to the other. This might cause a certain loss to your website growth.

Bluehost Vs Hostgator uptime review

Winner:- HostGator

  • BlueHost Vs HostGator: Value For Money 

If you’re worried about spending money on hosting services. Here are the great services offered to you by both the hosting providers. Bluehost and HostGator used to serve a money-back guarantee, so in case you don’t like their services you can get your money back. 

But one of the major differences is that BlueHost is to offer 30 days of money-back guarantee whereas HostGator used to serve improved varieties of money-back support (the offer is valid for shared, VPS, and reseller hosting plans only). 

But I can bet you that, you’ll get impressed by their features which will make you feel like sticking with their services for so long. 

Winner:- HostGator 

  • BlueHost Vs HostGator: Migration 

If someone out there is already owning a website posted with any other hosting provider and willing to switch to the HostGator or BlueHost, the site migration feature could be useful. 

Let me tell you that BlueHost used to offer a migration service but it will cost you around $149.99 for 20 mails which isn’t a bad deal if you’re looking to migrate the website safely along with the backups and all the other major stuff. 

Whereas is data used to offer a free migration service that will be valid for you up to 30 days off sign up. 

But I think BlueHost does a pretty good job because they take safety as the major part while migrating the domain from other hosting to BlueHost. So this should be the note you would make.

Winner:- BlueHost 

  • BlueHost Vs HostGator: Domain Name

For those who were supposed to create the WordPress website for the very first time, it is essential to get access to a domain name along with the hosting. 

There are tons of hosting providers out there like A2 hosting, Kinsta Hosting, etc. Which does a pretty good job of agreeing to domain accessibility so you don’t even have to pay an extra penny for so. 

On the same line, the BlueHost and HostGator also used to serve a free domain name accessibility that will last with you for a year. This could be delivered for someone who is having a fixed budget and doesn’t want to spend enough money to acquire a single domain name. 

Winner:- Both 

Check Your Domain Availability
  • BlueHost Vs HostGator: Customer Support

Another big thing about a hosting provider is their customer support that you cannot miss out on at any instance even if you are just a beginner. There are very few hosting providers out there promising of serving authentic customer support like Hostinger & SiteGround. 

Although BlueHost & HostGator are also on the same track where you’ll get awesome experience while getting in touch with their customer executives to sort out any of the technical issues that you are facing at an instance. 

We have been analyzing the bluehost vs hostgator customer support for a while and get to the conclusion that BlueHost offers a pretty good amount of service but one of the major con is that you don’t get the support of live chat 24/7 which might bother you. 

Whereas HostGator has all of the customer services like 25/7 customer care support along with the phone call support as well. 

Winner:- HostGator 

BlueHost Vs HostGator Pricing Details

Until now you probably get to know about the services offered by both BlueHost and HostGator. But what if I tell you that you will get all of this feature at a very high cost? 

Surely you’ll get overwhelmed and jump onto another hosting provider for sure. But nothing to get panic about because it’s not the same thing with BlueHost and HostGator. Their vendors have done a good job by serving these amazing features at affordable pricing. So, let see the bluehost vs hostgator pricing one-by-one.

BlueHost Pricing

BlueHost used to offer a bunch of different plans based upon multiple categories amongst which you can opt for the one that fits in your budget. 

  • Shared Hosting 

The shared plan is available from just $2.95/ month and goes up to $13.95/ month. So based upon your requirement you can consider the one.


  • Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting plan begins from $79.99/ month and goes up to $119.99/ month accordingly you can opt for the one.

  • VPS Hosting

The VPS plan begins from just $$198.99/ month and goes up to $59.99/ month, so you can select the one. 

  • WordPress Hosting 

WordPress hosting begins from just $2.95/ month and goes up to $12.95/ month where you’ll get some of the advanced features.

HostGator Pricing 

Just like the BlueHost, the HostGator hosting also used to serve varieties of plans amongst which one can opt the one. But compared to the BlueHost you don’t get enough plan options as it’s quite limited and minimal. 

Where shortlisted each one of them. 

  • Shared Hosting

Shared hosting will cost you from $2.75/ month and goes up to $5.25/ month where you’ll get an excessive amount of features.

  • VPS Hosting 

VPS hosting plan begins from $19.95/ month and goes up to $39.95/ month, so you can consider the one. 

  • WordPress Hosting 

WordPress hosting begins from just $5.95/ month and goes up to $9.95/ month amongst which you can adopt the one that fits in your budget.

  • Dedicated Hosting 

Dedicated hosting begins from just $89.98/ month and goes up to $139.99/ month amongst which you can opt the one. 

  • Reseller Hosting 

Reseller hosting costs you from $19.95/ month and goes up to $24.95/ month which allows you to pick the one.

BlueHost Vs HostGator Pros and Cons 

Before you adopt any of the services offered by BlueHost and HostGator it is better for you to know about the pros and cons of each one of them. So, let see bluehost vs hostgator pros and cons.

     1) BlueHost Pros and Cons



    2) HostGator Pros and Cons



Which One To Consider? 

Until now you probably get to know about the features offered by each one of the hosting providers i.e. BlueHost and HostGator.

So if you are having a fixed budget you should definitely consider BlueHost on the top whereas if you want some of the advanced features like higher uptime you can definitely go with HostGator that used to have a pretty good amount of extensions in performance. 

In short, both of them perform well but I would prefer BlueHost which offers a decent amount of features at affordable pricing.

FAQs Bluehost vs HostGator Review

Which is more secure between HostGator & BlueHost?

Undoubtedly both the hosting providers who are to offer free SSL certification will help you to keep your website secured and away from hackers and spammers. So in short both are good.

Who's the owner of HostGator & BlueHost?

Basically, both the hosting providers are owned by the same company i.e. Endurance International Group (EIG). That's why you will notice some of the similarities in between.

Do BlueHost & HostGator Offer cPanel Support?

Yes both of them offer you the support of a control panel from where you will be able to access all of their features. Also, both have a decent user interface that won't let you get confused even if you are a first-time user.

Final Verdict | Bluehost vs HostGator Review

Through this entire Bluehost vs HostGator review, we have tried to compile the things and showcase the valuable comparison between this two hosting providers. We hope you probably get to the conclusion to adopt the one hosting services to host your website. 

Although each one has uniqueness so definitely make a note of your usability based upon which you can do the one that fits into the budget. If that makes any sense to you make sure to visit the official website of HostGator & BlueHost to know more about their servings.

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