Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting comparison 2021

Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting Comparison | Who Serves The Best In 2022

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Probably you may have gone through several different reviews suggesting Bluehost to be the absolute best solution for your wordpress website.

But it’s not the same in the case when we compared it with the other hosting providers in the market. As there are other hosting providers which provide you similar features at affordable pricing that need to be considered before you adopt BlueHost services. 

After spending almost a month of account researching we are here showcasing you the Bluehost Vs A2 hosting comparison and  this will help you to understand which one is better. 

Based upon every feature we will serve you the winner utmost so that you will get to know which one’s better in each aspect.

But before we dive deep into the detailed Bluehost and A2 hosting comparison, it’s essential for us to let you introduce both of this hosting.

What Is BlueHost Hosting?

Bluehost Vs WP Enigine Comparison, Bluehost website

Bluehost is considered to be one of the authentic hosting providers that’s been running for a couple of decades. Moreover, they have been officially recommended by which makes it even more relevant. 

At present they have more than 2 million domains throughout the globe and are constantly upgrading their services by providing sustainable solutions to the users. 

The major reason behind their success is that they used to serve a free domain name and the hosting cost is pretty cheaper comparatively.

What Is A2 Hosting?

Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting Comparison, A2 hosting website

 A2 hosting is another generic web hosting company which is also running for a decade and serving you some authentic web hosting solutions. 

For the one who has a tight budget, it is better to adopt shared hosting provided by A2 hosting that will cost you less than a pizza for a month. 

Moreover, the features are quite good that makes you look upon their services. They also serve you a money-back guarantee as well which is a great approach.

Now let’s jumped in the details of Bluehost and A2 Hosting comparison. 

Detailed BlueHost and A2 Hosting Comparison

As the features are concerned both have pretty good features which differ from each other. Well, here we’ve discovered a few of the major ones that need to be compared in order to find the respective winners. 

So let’s get into it. 

  • Uptime 

Uptime is something that you cannot ignore if you are supposed to take your website to the next level in terms of performance and growth rate.

According to the research it has been found that the website with lesser uptime, damages the ranking factor and builds the chances of losing more than 75% of organic traffic, due to slow speed visitors get redirected to the other competitor’s website. 

As per the analysis and testing, it’s been found that Bluehost uptime remains in between 99.97 to 99.99%, so the chances are less that your website will go down. And that’s a great approach from BlueHost which makes it more sustainable in terms of performance. 

Similarly, A2 Hosting does offer acceptable uptime but it is as low as 99.95% which might bother you if you are running a website having a huge amount of traffic. 

Winner:- BlueHost 

  • Ease Of Use

Easiness is one of the biggest factors that you need to remember while choosing any of the hosting providers.

We have compared both Bluehost and A2 hosting and found that both have the support of a control panel through which you will be able to access several features that make sense to you. 

Apart from this, BlueHost provides a one-click WordPress installation so you don’t have to install it by your end, which might take long hours to get done.

So there is no clear winner in terms of easiness factor as both have a pretty good amount of features and services that are well maintained. Also, the UI is user-friendly too. 

Winner:- Both

  • Backup 

At present backup plays a crucial role just because you need to make your website content safe even if something goes wrong. And that’s where the backup feature plays a lead role. 

Not each one of the hosting providers in the market serves you backup support whereas both Bluehost and A2 hosting serves you so. Bluehost allows you to create your own backup as per the convenience as it is fully customizable. 

Whereas the A2 hosting is kind of similar, you will be able to manage the backup service by heading off to the control panel section which is safe and sustainable too. 

Winner:- Both

  • Support 

Support system plays a crucial role too, that one cannot miss out at any instance. It has been noted that most of the hosting providers are used to the promise of serving an authentic expert solution but not each one of them puts their promise on.

Although both BlueHost & A2 hosting used to offer 24/7 customer support that consists of live chat, phone call, and email as well. But when compared with each other we found that Bluehost does a pretty good job here. 

Whereas Bluehost is not that good in terms of a support system as the executive really reverts you back if the issue is major. Btw you can acquire their live chat support which was found to be more convenient but not better than Bluehost. 

Winner:- BlueHost

  • Security 

Most of the websites are getting hacked at present due to not having a proper amount of security services enabled on their websites which makes them inconvenient even if other factors are legit. 

Enabling the SSL certification lets you encrypt all plans which need to be provided by each one of the hosting providers out there. Although few serve it for free whereas few charge a certain amount for it. 

Both Bluehost and A2 hosting offers you free SSL certification along with the DDoS protection that will maintain your website security at a higher instance. So no room is available for hackers or spammers to attack your website. 

Whereas Bluehost offers some of the additional security features like domain privacy and malware detection that will remove all of the major non-required errors from your website. 

Winner:- Both

  • Loading Speed

What if we say that the website takes 5 to 6 seconds to load? 

Well, this is truly convenient and you probably get redirected to another similar website. Similarly, no one likes to wait for a while to get loaded so it’s better to provide your visitor a great and high amount of loading speed accessibility while they surf through your website.

We have compared the loading speed of both Bluehost and A2 hosting and came to the conclusion that the website based upon the Bluehost hosting gets loaded within 689 ms. 

Whereas A2 hosting usually takes up to 1.28 seconds to get load which is way more compared to Bluehost. So if you’re willing to make your website 2X faster in terms of loading speed it’s better to go with the BlueHost.

Winner:- BlueHost 

Pricing Details: BlueHost Vs A2 Hosting

Once you have gone through all of the features of Bluehost and A2 hosting it’s better to know about their pricing which is very important for you to know about. 

The pricing is based upon the present scenario that might get changed in the upcoming years or so. 

There pricing options served by both BlueHost and A2 hosting amongst which one could opt for the one that fits their need. So following are the details:- 

Bluehost Pricing

As the Bluehost pricing is concerned we all know that  it comes with the 4 different plan and with the their different features. So let see what are they.

Shared Hosting

$ 2.95 Month

Shared hosting begins at just $2.95/ month.

WordPress Hosting

$ 2.95 Month

WordPress hosting begins at just $2.95/ month.

WooCommerce Hosting

$ 15.95 Month

WooCommerce Hosting begins at $15.95/ month.

VPS Hosting

$ 19.99 Month

VPS Hosting begins at $19.99/ month.

A2 Hosting Pricing

As we know that A2 hosting comes with the 5 different plan and with the their following pricing. So let see what are they.

Web Hosting

$ 2.99 Month

Shared Hosting begins from just $2.99/ month and goes up to $12.99/ month

WordPress Hosting

$ 11.99 Month

WordPress hosting begins from just $11.99/ month and goes up to $41.99/ month.

VPS Hosting

$ 39.99 Month

VPS Hosting begins from just $39.99/ month and goes up to $59.99/ month

Reseller Hosting 

$ 18.99 Month

Reseller hosting begins from just $18.99/ month and goes up to $32.99/ month. 

Dedicated hosting

$ 179.99 Month

Dedicated hosting begins from just $179.99/ month and goes up to $249.99/ month. 

So it’s been noticed that both the hosting providers offer several different varieties of plans which gives you the flexibility to adapt the one as per the choice. 

Also, there’s a money-back guarantee available that you can claim if you want but the domain price will be dedicated to making a note of it while choosing subsequent services.

Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting Pros and Cons

Before you adopt any of the services of this hosting it is better to go through the Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting Pros and Cons. It’ll help you know whether they are satisfying your conditions or not. 

Bluehost Pros & Cons



A2 Hosting Pros & Cons



Which One To Choose Amongst BlueHost and A2 Hosting? 

Through this detailed Bluehost and A2 hosting comparison post, we have tried to simplify the stuff in order to showcase to you better information about both hosting providers. 

In our opinion, we will highly recommend you to proceed with Bluehost blindly just because it is pretty cheaper and the value you get is insane. Moreover, it has been trusted by most professional bloggers and digital entrepreneurs which makes it even more sustainable. 

So definitely if you haven’t square it and wanted to host your website with the legitimate hosting provider then Bluehost could be the best option.

FAQs | Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting Comparison

Well, this Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting comparison couldn't be end without a few FAQs, that are been asked by our so many audience. So lets have a look onto them.

Final Verdict | Bluehost Vs A2 Hosting Comparison

Through these detailed Bluehost vs A2 hosting comparison posts, we have compared their features, pricing, and pros & cons. We hope that we have sorted your issues and confusion between both hosting providers. 

So if you are supposed to adopt any of their services make sure to visit their official website so alongside you can look upon the other reviews which we have compiled on HostGlime review page 

Both the hosting providers are of similar pricing. But moreover, if you need performance to be maintained on the top then BlueHost is always the better option

Yes, BlueHost serves you varieties of WordPress hosting options amongst which you can opt for any.

Yes, the A2 hosting is being recommended by WordPress itself which makes it more sustainable and reliable too.

Yes, good hosting providers offer a free domain that will last with you for a year.

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